Thursday, October 05, 2006

Spring + OSGi + Web-Server

Hey, imagine this: You are able to build up server-side applications out of OSGi bundles to have clean boundaries and dependencies between your components. You take advantage of the Equinox Extension Registry (favous from the Eclipse IDE) to make your server-side applications as flexible and extensible as the Eclipse IDE. You deploy your server-side application into a standard web servers servlet container and you let the OSGi runtime take care of your bundles (having all the dynamic features of OSGi). And you utilize the Spring framework as a backbone for your application, using the dependency injection of Spring for your POJOs and all the nice technology abstractions Spring comes with. And the good news is: I got it all working (for my example project that my colleques Bernd Kolb and Gerd W├╝therich build with me). This is really cool... :-)

I will show this stuff at the Server-Side-Eclipse-Symposium at the Eclipse Summit Europe next week. Don't miss it...

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