Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two things...

The end of September is approaching fast, so its time for me to announce two things...

First the sad part of the story: I will leave it-agile at the end of this month. The reason behind this is basically that I am sick of traveling. Don't misunderstand me, I always tried to make my traveling as comfortable as possible (and it was quite comfortable). But I wish to spent more time being in my home town, being with the family, with my two wonderful kids.

I founded it-agile about six years ago, together with great colleagues and friends to start something new, something great about agile software development, something with true employee participation, where transparency becomes reality, something open for cooperations and with honesty to all our customers. We wanted to build a company that makes a real difference, that doesn't promise everything just to get the contract, that isn't focussed and dogmatic on some religion, a consulting company that doesn't know it better just because we are consultants.
And today, looking back over the past six years, I am so proud that we got it all to work. All wishes became true - and we built a really great company. I learned a lot over the past years and I have to thank all of my colleagues within it-agile and within the projects I was involved in for this absolutely awesome and unforgettable time.

What comes next? I got the chance to join the people at the SpringSource devision of VMware to become part of the STS (SpringSource Tool Suite) team. These are the guys behind the STS, AJDT and the Eclipse Groovy tooling and I am looking forward to work with this great team on amazing developer tooling - and I think (and hope) that I will have some more time to work on some open-source projects, including Equinox Weaving. And last but not least, I will mostly work in Hamburg, my lovely home town... :-)

See you at WJAX in Munich this year!


Peter Friese said...

Congrats on the new challenge, Martin!

I think your work as a consultant with it-agile has made a difference not only for your clients, but also to everybody who had the fortune to read your articles, books and see you speak at various conferences around the globe.

I'm sure you'll find time and space to share your expertise in the years to come - be it on conferences or via your blog.

All the best! Oh, and you really should reconsider moving to Vancouver - I hear it's a great place to live!


Mad Prophet said...

Does this mean we can expect to see something new regarding aspectj and LTW? :)

Frank Gerhardt said...

Congratulations, I'm doing the same ;-) staying in Stuttgart from next month onwards. In January we'll have our second kid. However, my customer (tourism sector!) will miss me a lot. Good-bye traveling, hello home town.

Martin Lippert said...

Hi Peter!

Thanks for the nice words... Always great to hear those positive things... And off course I will find the time and space to share experiences, thoughts and ideas, one way or the other... :-)

Hope to see you soon!


Martin Lippert said...

Hey Mad,

thanks for the congrats. My personal plan is to improve Equinox Weaving a bit, but I don't think of any special new things in this area at the moment. But who knows that the future brings? Do you have any special requirements or wishes for LTW in mind?


Martin Lippert said...

Hi Frank!

Great to hear that your second kid is coming in January. Best wishes for the growing family!!!

What are you doing from next month on?


Pete Carapetyan said...

Congrats Martin on your new post at SpringSource, and congrats also to SpringSource for a great new team member! Great combination of events.

Dirk said...

Congratulations! Very much understandable decision. Good luck to you, your family, and it-agile (no need to wish it to SpringSource here since they got, uhm, fortunate.)

Martin Lippert said...

Thanks a lot, Pete and Dirk!!!