Thursday, April 26, 2007

JAX session slides online

While sitting the last day at the German JAX conference I put all my session slide material online. You can find all slides in the events section.
My company recorded the session about how the practices of the Eclipse team process could be adopted for in-house projects and put an online screencast on their website. So if you would like to listen to that talk feel free to watch the screencast.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

First milestone of Spring-OSGi released

Costin Leau from the team at Interface21 announced the availability of the first milestone of the Spring-OSGi integration. If you haven't already you should definitely look at this new Spring sub-project. Many people (including myself ;-) consider this integration as the next big step for the Spring framework. Unfortunately the support for building web applications is currently broken and therefore not part of this milestone release.

Invited Talk at the Turkish Eclipse Summit 2007

I am invited to the Turkish Eclipse Summit 2007 that takes place in Istanbul at the 30th of April this year. I will talk about OSGi and the Eclipse Equinox OSGi implementation. The talk will explain my basic understanding of what the OSGi runtime is, where it can be used for, and what the benefits of using it as a basic infrastructure for all kind of applications are. And because I am somehow involved in the Equinox Incubator project I will, of course, talk a little bit about some cool stuff that you can do with the Equinox implementation like the Spring integration, AOP load-time weaving and stuff like that... :-)