Friday, November 21, 2008

Slides and more from Eclipse Summit Europe 2008

I am back from the Eclipse Summit Europe 2008 in Ludwigsburg and found the time to put the slides from the talk on Equinox Aspects online (pdf). The slides are pretty much the same as from the previous talks I gave on aspect weaving for OSGi during the past weeks, so you won't find real new stuff in it. Nevertheless, giving this talk is just plain fun.

The RT symposium (I helped Heiko and Jeff a bit to organize it) on Tuesday morning was more or less an open discussion about topics around the RT project. We asked for answers to some questions upfront to the meeting and discussed those during the first part of the symposium. For sure some nice and interesting discussions came up during this. Nevertheless the second part of the symposium was a lot more lively and interesting from my point of view. We collected some topics, prioritized them and discussed them in the prioritized order (maybe something like "Open-Space Light"). There was a lot more discussion going on, more participation, sometimes even a bit controversal. Great. If I will participate in organizing such a symposium again sometime in the future, I will definitely vote for doing more (if not all) of the symposium that way.
A rough outline of the symposium can be found at the RT-Symposium-at-ESE-2008 wiki page. And I can recommand watching the video podcast that Ian Skerrett recorded together with Jeff about the RT symposium. Its fun watching... :-)

This was not the only video that Ian recorded at the event. He interviewed all the symposium organizers and published these great video podcast episodes (series 1, series 2). Thanks a lot, Ian, for these video podcasts. Absolutely great!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Slides from WJAX 2008 online

Still being at the WJAX conference in Munich I took the time to put the slides online from all the talks I am involved in: Enjoy!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Equinox Aspects 1.0 M3 available for download

The third milestone build of Equinox Aspects is available for download. This build focuses on improving stability and reliability and implicates major enhancements to some internal implementation details of Equinox Aspects. Take a look at the 1.0 M3 New & Noteworthy page for more details and a list of fixed bugs.