Friday, January 07, 2011

Slides from WJAX 2010: Agile Practices in the Real World

Last November I gave a talk at the WJAX conference in Munich together with Matthias Lübken about our experiences using agile methods in difficult settings. We went trough our observations adapting or replacing typical agile practices with different ones when necessary and talked about what worked and what didn't. The slides are in a lightweight style, so the real content of our talk was spoken only. Nevertheless you can find the slideware we used here:

Upcoming Event: Eclipse Summit India 2011

I've been invited to speak at the upcoming Eclipse Summit India at May 26th + 27th in Bangelore, India. The current plan is to talk about:
  • OSGi Best and Worst Practices
  • Module Systems and Architectures
  • Bytecode Weaving in OSGi
  • Classloading and Type Visibility in OSGi
See you in Bangalore!