Thursday, December 27, 2007

EclipseCon 2008

I am very happy to tell you that two of my proposed sessions are accepted for presentation at EclipseCon 2008 in Santa Clara. The first one ("Spring OSGi Reloaded") is an updated version of last years tutorial about the combination of Spring and OSGi technology (now called Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi Service Platforms). And I am very happy to be part of the tutorial team consisting of BJ Hargrave, Adrian Colyer, Bernd Kolb and myself. The second one is a short talk about "Lessons Learned from Adopting The Eclipse Way" for general in-house software projects.

Excellent Talk about Simplicity

In general I don't like to write too positive about things that happens within my company. This often sounds like pure advertisement for the company business and therefore I don't like it for my private blog. But today I need to make an exception. Not because I would like to do some advertisement but because I thing the talk given by Stefan Roock about "Simplicity in Software Projects" (held at the german XP-Days this year in Karlsruhe) is absolutely excellent. If you are able to understand spoken german you should definitely take the time (about 60min) and listen to Stefans talk (screencast or pure mp3). It is funny, entertaining and inspiring for every day project life. The sound quality is somewhat poor but the talk is definitely worth listen to anyway.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

OSGi and IntelliJ IDEA

Today my collegue Robert Beeger told me that he is working on a plugin for the IntelliJ IDEA development environment to support the OSGi programming model. And the first initial release of Osmorc (that is the name of the plugin project) is already available for download. I haven't tried it myself (I am using Eclipse for bundle development) but it sounds quite promising from his announcement. The support seems to be somewhat limited for this very early release but it is great to see that support for OSGi is becoming reality for more IDEs than just Eclipse.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Slides from WJAX

Finally I uploaded all my slides from the WJAX conference this year to the events section. In addition to the slide PDFs I would like to point to the demo and code material that Gerd W├╝therich put online for our Spring and OSGi session. The zip file contains all the source code of the examples from the talk as well as ready-to-use target platforms for the examples, including Equinox 3.3 and Spring Dynamic Modules RC1 as a PDE target platform. Very nice package if you would like to get started with Spring-DM.