Sunday, June 24, 2007

Slides and examples from SpringOne 2007

Here are the slides from my SpringOne sessions as PDF files: Spring and Eclipse RCP, Hands-On Spring-OSGi. The example that I showed during the Eclipse-RCP talk containing the example RCP application frond-end based on Spring-OSGi that communicates with the Spring-OSGi-based backend service running inside a Jetty server is also available for download. Here are the two example projects. You can use them together with the pre-defined workspace that I used during the hands-on session.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Resources for Hands-On-Spring-OSGi session

For my session at SpringOne "Hands-On Spring-OSGi" I created a ready-to-use workspace for playing with Spring-OSGi. This workspace (zip, 40MB) is based on the example by Bernd Kolb (many thanks to Bernd for this example which is really great). Some setup instructions can be found in the slides for the session (PDF).

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Arrived at SpringOne 2007

Today I arrived at the SpringOne conference in Antwerpen, Belgium. The conference takes place in the Metropolis Business Center (the same spot as the JavaPolis takes place). This is the first time for me to attend and speak at a conference taking place in this location. Therefore I was pretty impressed by the location which basically is a huge cinema complex. The sessions are held in cinema rooms. I never had such a huge projection area... :-) The sounds seems to be pretty good as well since the THX logo is above every entry. Very very cool, especially for an old Lucasfilm and THX fan like me. And last but not least: it slightly smells of popcorn all over the place... :-)