Sunday, June 24, 2007

Slides and examples from SpringOne 2007

Here are the slides from my SpringOne sessions as PDF files: Spring and Eclipse RCP, Hands-On Spring-OSGi. The example that I showed during the Eclipse-RCP talk containing the example RCP application frond-end based on Spring-OSGi that communicates with the Spring-OSGi-based backend service running inside a Jetty server is also available for download. Here are the two example projects. You can use them together with the pre-defined workspace that I used during the hands-on session.


Jeff Carlson said...


These look like great sessions! I am particularly intrigued by the materials in the Spring + Eclipse RCP presentation. You don't have audio or transcript available for that presentation do you?

stephan said...

BeJUG will post many of the SpringOne talks on in the coming months.

Unknown said...

Very helpful.
Maybe a description how to run from eclipse is missing:
How to start and setup the client and server.