Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Short Talk on Using Equinox Aspects to Provide Language Developers with Deep Eclipse Integration

As you might now, the new version of AJDT uses Equinox Aspects to allow deeper integration of some AJDT features into the JDT. Andrew Eisenberg (from the AJDT team) will give a short talk about this at this years EclipseCon: "Aspects Everywhere: Using Equinox Aspects to Provide Language Developers with Deep Eclipse Integration". Aside of the fact that I am fascinated to see this usage of Equinox Aspects for AJDT (some kind of "eat your own dogfood"), I am excited about the design of this part of AJDT. It allows other language developers to reuse this part to achieve the same level of integration into JDT. Very cool stuff. I will definitely go to see Andrews talk to hear more about this!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Equinox Aspects and OSGi for Eclipse Developers at EclipseCon 2009

Just a few weeks from now the doors will open to a new EclipseCon in Santa Clara. I am very happy that I got a short and a long talk accepted this year!

The short talk "What's new in Equinox Aspects" will be an update on the Equinox Aspects project. We will briefly talk on the improvements and challenges during the past milestone builds.

The long talk "OSGi for Eclipse Developers" is an overview of those OSGi techniques and facets that are typically not very well known by people coming from the Eclipse world to OSGi. So obviously we will talk about using ImportPackage instead of RequireBundle, the concept of OSGi services and why they are extremely useful, and some more fun stuff.

I am looking forward to seeing you at EclipseCon!!!

Refactoring book review by Ralph Johnson

Wow, what a great feedback! In this blog posting Ralph Johnson reviews two books on emergent design and refactoring. I had to look twice, but the book on large refactorings that he reviewed was the one that my colleague Stefan Roock wrote together with me some time ago. I was so excited about this positive review from the father of so many work on refactoring that I completely forgot to refer to this from my blog... Now, a few weeks later, my brain is back to normal state (or worse, who knows) and I am happy to post this here... :-)