Monday, January 26, 2009

Equinox Aspects and OSGi for Eclipse Developers at EclipseCon 2009

Just a few weeks from now the doors will open to a new EclipseCon in Santa Clara. I am very happy that I got a short and a long talk accepted this year!

The short talk "What's new in Equinox Aspects" will be an update on the Equinox Aspects project. We will briefly talk on the improvements and challenges during the past milestone builds.

The long talk "OSGi for Eclipse Developers" is an overview of those OSGi techniques and facets that are typically not very well known by people coming from the Eclipse world to OSGi. So obviously we will talk about using ImportPackage instead of RequireBundle, the concept of OSGi services and why they are extremely useful, and some more fun stuff.

I am looking forward to seeing you at EclipseCon!!!


mattre said...

Hi Martin,
I hope you make your presentation materials public after the EclipseCon.

Your post entry from September 30, 2008 about dynamic OSGi applications is also very exciting for me. I have never found any chance to download your presentation about this topic, I am afraid.
Will you also cover this topic at the EclipseCon?!?


Martin Lippert said...

Hi Matthias!

I will post the slides from the dynamic talk after the OOP conference, maybe Thursday or Friday this week. And I will post a short series on dynamics with OSGi on my blog. So, stay tuned.

The slides of the upcoming EclipseCon conference will be available from my blog as well as the EclipseCon website. I promise... :-)


mattre said...


Ok cool, thank you!
I am really looking forward to this stuff. I am also very excited on which parts in my project I will have to do some rework after reading your presentation(s) ;)!!