Friday, May 18, 2007

Refactoring Pt. 2 at Software Engineering Radio

A few days ago the second episode on refactoring was published at In this podcast episode I talk with Eberhard Wolff about some more complicated refactoring situations, for example larger refactorings, refactorings for published APIs and refactorings that affect the database schema or the database access code.

Spring, Eclipse, and OSGi at SpringOne 2007

If you would like to know more about Spring, OSGi and the usage of both technologies together you should think about going to SpringOne 2007. The SpringOne conference is organized by the Belgium Java User Group and Interface21 and takes place from June 20 to June 22 in Antwerp. The conference is focussed on Spring and covers a lot of different topics. And there are three sessions touching the Spring-OSGi combination:
So don't miss it!!!

Second milestone of Spring-OSGi released

Past Friday Costin Leau announced the second milestone build of the Spring-OSGi project. This is an update to the M1 release and fixes some compatibility issues. Aside from some maven build stuff and improved OSGi manifest definitions there seems to be nothing really new in there. The explicit support for web apps is still missing... :-(

But my colleague Bernd Kolb told me that he succeeded in setting up the pet shop example via OSGi with just a few hacks, getting the Spring-OSGi stuff to work nicely within the web app using Equinox and the embedded jetty. I hope his code will be public available soon so that everybody can see how easy and nice it is to implement client-server and web applications using OSGi and Spring together. :-)

Slides from the Turkish Eclipse Summit talk online

Finally I found the time to upload my slides from the Turkish Eclipse Summit. You can find them in the events section, as usual.

The event was well organized and it was fun giving a talk there. Many many thanks again to Naci Dai for inviting me to this great event and to Karen Dai for all their help. If you would like to see some pictures from Istanbul (where the summit took place) you should go to Mike Milinkovichs Flickr pictures from Istanbul.