Friday, May 06, 2011

My personal highlights from JAX 2011

I spent the past few days visiting the JAX 2011 conference in Mainz. And again, like the past years, it was great to meet a lot of interesting and nice people there. Aside of that, I wrote up some short notes about my personal highlights of JAX 2011 for jaxenter (in German), so if you are interested, take a look. I especially recommend to watch the Kata video with Arne Roock demoing a real Karate Kata. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Slides from Spring Tooing Talk at JAX 2011

Yesterday I gave a short talk at JAX 2011 called "Spring Tooling - What's Cooking". During the talk I gave an overview of the Spring tooling landscape, demoed some nice features of Spring IDE and the SpringSource Tool Suite and deployed a small Spring app into the hosted PaaS as well as into a local CloudFoundry cloud running exclusively on my notebook. Was fun doing that all in 30min... :-)

Here are the slides from that talk:
The slides also contain the part that I didn't talked about (the team behind Spring IDE and STS, challenges of distributed agile development and our release cycles). So if you missed that from the talk, take a look at those slides.