Thursday, December 27, 2007

Excellent Talk about Simplicity

In general I don't like to write too positive about things that happens within my company. This often sounds like pure advertisement for the company business and therefore I don't like it for my private blog. But today I need to make an exception. Not because I would like to do some advertisement but because I thing the talk given by Stefan Roock about "Simplicity in Software Projects" (held at the german XP-Days this year in Karlsruhe) is absolutely excellent. If you are able to understand spoken german you should definitely take the time (about 60min) and listen to Stefans talk (screencast or pure mp3). It is funny, entertaining and inspiring for every day project life. The sound quality is somewhat poor but the talk is definitely worth listen to anyway.

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Unknown said...

The sound quality is really poor. I only listened to the mp3. The presentation was a bit confused. I think the points he made were ok but a more focused presentation would have helped. And for his metaphors and analogies. I you don't know the the basics about the things your refer to (i.e. names) look them up or don't use them.

Perhaps a written short story about simplicity would make the point much clearer.