Friday, January 07, 2011

Upcoming Event: Eclipse Summit India 2011

I've been invited to speak at the upcoming Eclipse Summit India at May 26th + 27th in Bangelore, India. The current plan is to talk about:
  • OSGi Best and Worst Practices
  • Module Systems and Architectures
  • Bytecode Weaving in OSGi
  • Classloading and Type Visibility in OSGi
See you in Bangalore!


Unknown said...

Good luck at the Summit Martin! Don't forget to tell them we're hiring ;)

Will Staney
VMware Careers - Community Manager

Lynn Gayowski said...

Do you a URL for the event? I want to post it on the events calendar but I can't find info for 2011.

Martin Lippert said...

Hi Lynn!

Sure, here it is: