Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting Hooked on Equinox: Article in German Eclipse-Magazine

The current issue of the German Eclipse-Magazin publishes an article that I wrote together with Heiko Seeberger vom Metafinanz: Getting Hooked on Equinox. The article describes the adapter hook mechanism that is part of the Equinox OSGi implementation. Using this mechanism you can easily modify the behavior of the Equinox runtime or add additional features to it. This mechanism gives you a lot of power over the Equinox implementation without modifying the original code. And that means you can deploy your additions as separate bundles. Users don't need to manually install a modified osgi implementation!!!
I am using this mechanism for the equinox aspects incubator project to add load-time aspect weaving to the OSGi runtime. The article describes the basics of the mechanisms, who it can be used, and gives some examples where it is already being used.

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