Saturday, October 25, 2008

Looking forward to WJAX and Eclipse Summit Europe

Saying goodbye to OOPSLA I am already thinking about the next two conferences coming up on my schedule and which are highly promising to be very very interesting. In a bit more than one week there is the WJAX conference in Munich, Germany. The program is fully packed with interesting stuff and I am quite happy to talk about some cool stuff as well.

Starting on Monday I will participate in the Agile Day at WJAX where I will talk together with Norbert Grosz about experiences from introducing agile development to an insurance company.
Next is the OSGi Special Day on Tuesday. Together with my colleaque Matthias Lübken we will talk about moving existing applications towards using OSGi. Later that day I will give my fun talk about classloading and type visibility in OSGi - I still love classloading stuff. :-) Wednesday I have the pleasure to share my experiences from using and adapting "The Eclipse Way" (the famous development process of the Eclipse team) for general in-house projects. And finally on Friday, at the OSGi Experts Day, Heiko Seeberger and I are going to showcase Equinox Aspects to the attendees. This will be a real fun week in Munich!

Not far away from WJAX is the Eclipse Summit Europe, starting at Tuesday, November 18th, in Ludiwgsburg, Germany. Together with Jeff McAffer and Heiko Seeberger I am organizing the Runtime Symposium on Tuesday morning. Take care you don't miss this symposium to meet people who are also interested or involved in the runtime projects at Eclipse. In addition to that I will give (together with Heiko) a short talk on Equinox Aspects on Wednesday.

And last but not least I would be really happy to hear from you what you would like to know from the talk on classloading and type visibility in OSGi. If you have any questions you would like to get answered within that talk, please comment on this blog entry. I will try to incorporate them into the talk.

See you there!


Ed Merks said...


It was nice running into you at the airport when I was on my way home and you and Peter were headed to OOPSLA.

A dark mystery of Java is how class loading works when you use and how that combines with OSGi's class loading scheme. I'm particular, a utility method in a base framework will often fail where that same code in the calling plugin works fine; the class loader of the direct caller is used. Buddy class loading helps, but it's so mysterious...

Martin Lippert said...

Hi Ed!

I enjoyed to meet you at the airport as well!!!

The issue with the serialization is indeed a good example. Thanks for the idea!!!


ekke said...

hi martin,

dont know if your talk on classloading and type visibility in OSGi is the right place, but some details to decide when a bundle should be a singleton would be great.
everyone knows when in 'normal' java to use a singleton, so it would be good to hear something about 'how handles the osgi framwork bundles as singletons', the pros and cons etc.


Martin Lippert said...

Hi Ekke,

indeed an interesting question, thank you very much for your feedback. I am not sure whether this fits into the classloading talk or not, but let me think about it :-)

Anyway, it would be a nice topic for another blog entry, right?

Thanks again,

ekke said...

hi martin,

cu later at OSGI special day in munich