Friday, December 12, 2008

Equinox Aspects 1.0 M4 available for download

The forth milestone build of Equinox Aspects is available for download. This build focuses on improving stability and reliability. Take a look at the 1.0 M4 New & Noteworthy page for more details and a list of fixed bugs.


Dimitri said...

Hi Martin! Is there a very simple example (without Spring DM and Spring, just Equinox Aspect) of how to use the Equinox Aspect Framework in an eclipse RCP application(e.g. the Mail Sample). The "Hello World" sample on the eclipse incubation works of course fine within equinox, but I would like to use this feature in a RCP application. I spend a lot of time to make this work, but still not have any results. The OSGi console shows that there's no weaving at all. I would be nice if you can give me some hints. Regards. Dimitri.

Martin Lippert said...

We don't have a simple example that is RCP specific at the moment, but I am sure we will get your example to work. Did you configure equinox aspects via the config.ini? Why not send me your workspace as ZIP (if small enough) and I take a look at it? Would that help?