Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Building a Lego Castle Incrementally and Interatively

My colleagues Henning Wolf and Arne Roock had a great idea for our company booth at the last JAX conference: Every attendee got a single LEGO brick in his conference pocket. The goal was to jointly build a LEGO castle at the booth, piece by piece, with a huge crowd of developers. So every attendee got a time slot of 30 seconds (a single iteration) to place one or more bricks and/or to refactor the existing building. And we had (and I think the builders, too) a lot of fun with that! Its always fun to work with these creative guys!

Arne and Marcel recorded a stop-motion-movie from the building process, taking a picture after each 30-seconds iteration. The final movie is published at the companies website:
Have fun watching the movie!

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