Thursday, July 02, 2009

Slides from Talk at Java-Forum-Stuttgart 2009

Today I gave a talk on building dynamic applications with OSGi at the Java-Forum-Stuttgart 2009. This was mostly the talk I gave (and prepared) together with Kai Tödter and Gerd Wütherich for previous conferences. Here are the slides:
The talk were in the main hall of the conference center and it was fun standing on that huge stage... :-) And of course I got completely confused during the talk while switching between the demo application and a slide showing a screenshot of that demo app - picking up every possible embarrassment... ;-)


Claus said...

The presentation might have been almost too smooth and professional without that glitch :D

Thanks for the great talk, and good luck with that Session Five project of yours!


Martin Lippert said...

Thanks for the nice feedback!!!


Martin Lippert said...

Hi Claus!

Thanks for the feedback! Will let the world know when there is more session-five to showcase... :-)