Monday, October 26, 2009

Ready for Eclipse Summit Europe 2009

Tomorrow I will travel to the Eclipse Summit Europe 2009 (Ludwigsburg, Germany) to meet great people, see interesting talks and participate in two session on stage: I am happy to present together with Jeff McAffer from EclipseSource our experiences using OSGi in various settings and the "best practices" that we extracted from that. So if you are interested in avoiding the faults and mistakes I did during the past years, join our talk (OSGi Best Practices) and see me talking about my own failures... :-) Its Wednesday at 1:30pm.

In the second talk I will give a short overview of the Equinox Weaving project (formerly known as Equinox Aspects), what's new and what's coming up in the future (Equinox Weaving: Bytecode Weaving in OSGi). So if you would like to hear more about bytecode weaving classes in an OSGi environment, don't miss these 20 minutes at Wednesday at 3:30pm.

See you all in Ludwigsburg!

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