Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sessionfire Continues to Innovate

A few days ago the team at Sessionfire published its second beta build. Interestingly this new build does not add these basic features you might expect from a presentation tool like direct graphical editing or so. In contrast to that it innovates. Its adds real new stuff to the world of presentations. Things that helps you to improve your presentations, to visualize things for your audience. The big new feature in this build is "Non-Linear Presentations". You no longer need to put your slides in a linear sequence - they aren't anyway. Many of my talks contain different sections and details, sometimes I decide to skip a section, sometimes I just want to show the topics while speaking. This is now directly supported in Sessionfire, giving you the option to create sections and visualize those sections for your audience. You can go into the details on demand or just jump from section to section at your fingertip. Watch the teaser case at YouTube, it shows non-linear presentations among the other new features in a quick overview:

The current Sessionfire beta builds are free. You can download your copy for Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X or Linux from Just make sure you have the latest Java6 installed... :-)


Unknown said...

Really cool!

Martin Lippert said...

Thanks!!! :-)