Monday, June 27, 2011

Video podcast from the OSGi Users Forum UK meeting on OSGi Tooling

Last week I went to the OSGi Users Forum UK meeting in London to join a panel on OSGi Development Tooling. I was invited as one of the people working on the Virgo IDE, the Eclipse-based developer tooling for the Virgo runtime at Eclipse (which we recently contributed from vmware to Eclipse and made the first milestone build available to the public).

The idea of the panel was to tell the panelists (all somewhat related to OSGi tooling) what you wanna get from those tools, what you are missing and what you would like to have in the future. Obviously we touched the old discussion whether manifest-first or manifest-generation is the better or more natural way of doing OSGi development, but this was not the only topic.

Now there is a video podcast available online:
It was fun having a part of the panel sitting in front of the audience in person while the other part of the panel joined the session via Skype video. Thanks again to the organizers for making this panel happen!!! And enjoy the video!!!

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