Friday, April 14, 2006

Out Now: Refactoring in Large Software Projects

Yesterday I got the first copies of the english version of my book "Refactoring in Large Software Projects" that I wrote together with my collegue Stefan Roock. This is the translated and slightly updated version of the german book on large refactorings. I am quite happy that we finally got it out after a lenghty period of working on the cummunity feedback and proof reading.

The book contains chapters on different situations where refactoring becomes more complex in larger projects like: larger teams and systems, refactorings across API boundaries and refactorings that affect the persistency layer and the persistent data in a relational database. Around those more complex situations the book discusses smells on the architecture level of applications and their tool-based detection.

The book is published by John Wiley and Sons Ltd. Here are a few links to the book via famous book stores:

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