Sunday, April 30, 2006

Server-Side Eclipse Gains Momentum

Eclipse is mostly known for their favourite Java IDE and the Rich Client Platform. From my point of view the Eclipse platform can be used far beyond that, especially for server-side applications or server-parts of classical client-server apps. And indeed, during the past weeks and month more and more people are looking at the Eclipse Platform to build server-side applications. They are looking at the platform to componentize their applications using the Equinox OSGi runtime as well as to utilize the Extension-Point framework to make their application structure more flexible and open for extensions. Wouldn't it be nice to implement web-applications using extension-points, plugins and all the other headless features of the Eclipse platform?
The answer is YES!!! I collected a number of useful links to help you to use the Eclipse platform on the server-side:
And don't forget to join the "Server-Side Eclipse" talk at the upcoming Eclipse-Forum-Europe.

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