Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Equinox Aspects and Spring-DM at the OSGi-Community-Event 2008

The OSGi-Community-Event 2008 in Berlin is less than two weeks ahead and I am pretty excited to give a talk on Spring Dynamic Modules there as well as some live demos on Equinox Aspects at the evening reception Tuesday night. The talk on Spring-DM will introduce the possibilities of using the Spring framework and Spring-DM within the OSGi world using some examples and live code. For the evening demo of Equinox Aspects I will do my very best to show the current state of Equinox Aspects together with some cool new features things like dynamics (aspects coming and going) with Equinox Aspects and (maybe) even load-time aspect weaving for Spring and Spring-DM within OSGi using Equinox Aspects. So please keep your fingers crossed for my live demos. :-)

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