Saturday, May 10, 2008

Finally aspects become dynamic

I recently committed some changes to the Equinox Aspects project which allows the Equinox Aspects runtime to handle dynamically uninstalled aspects correctly with regards to the woven bundles in the system. Having this it was only a small step to also deal with dynamic updates to aspect bundles as well as woven bundles at runtime. And now, finally, we are there: real dynamics for aspects. You can install, update and uninstall aspects at runtime as you like and the Equinox Aspects runtime takes care that everything will be woven and re-woven correctly. This is really really cool and a huge step towards real OSGi-enabled AOP, I think.

But what happens if aspect bundles are installed, updated or uninstalled at runtime? All other bundles that need to be woven, that need to be re-woven or that need to be un-woven from the aspect are updated automatically by the aspect runtime using the OSGi mechanisms. This means also that your system should be able to deal with OSGi dynamics and bundles coming and going (which is not a trivial thing to do). So be a good citizen of the OSGi world and your bundles will behave well when aspects are coming and going at runtime... :-)

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