Friday, May 29, 2009

Slides from the OSGi Talks at Java User Group Essen

Already two weeks ago I gave two talks together with Gerd Wütherich at the Java User Group Essen meeting at May 14th. We talked about OSGi in general and building web applications on top of OSGi in specific. We had a room full of interested people and I enjoyed a lot talking there. If you are interested in the slides, here they are:


Gary said...

Curious if you find many people building OSGi Web Applications inside an existing J2EE application? I have been searching trying to find examples of companies (or OS projects) actually producing a web app with OSGi running inside the app server.. Can't seem to find any.. Usually it's an OSGi Container with a web app inside of it..


Martin Lippert said...

Hi Gary!

Indeed most people are running the web container inside OSGi. Thats the preferred way, no question about it. Nevertheless I talked to many people who are not able to replace their existing app server infrastructure at the moment with an OSGi-based one and therefore are looking at the "OSGi embedded into the web-app" variant.

And I think the IBM Jazz people are using the embedded version when running inside of WebSphere.