Friday, June 12, 2009

"OSGi on the Server"-Talk at JAOO 2009 in Aarhus

I am invited to the JAOO 2009 conference in Aarhus, Denmark, to talk in the “Java-Now” track about “OSGi on the Server”. I am pretty excited to join the folks at JAOO since I heard a lot of good things about this conference and the program already sounds quite interesting. Hope to meet a lot of interesting people there!


Toni Menzel said...

Martin, i can tell you: JAOO is a great conference! Have been there a couple of times during my time as student. Wondering if i should come back this year..Also, its the conference i started with OSGi at all 4 years ago.
Great Place, Great People and don't forget the IT-Run.

Martin Lippert said...

Hey Toni!

Sounds very very good. :-)

Makes me even more excited to join the JAOO community!!! :-)

Hope to see you there!